Help and Save Languages!

There are thousands of endangered languages around the world. Many are making efforts to preserve these languages, from studying an endangered language, collecting and storing documents or recordings of a language, to creating endangered language projects, campaigns, fundraisers, and more.

Language plays a key role in culture and human heritage. The loss of a language would mean the loss of a piece of culture and heritage. Even more, what is one of the best ways to store information? Writing! There have been many artifacts found from lost and enduring civilizations with foreign inscriptions. Though these artifacts have been found, they are not understood. Who knows the vital information and stories we could be missing because the lack of understanding the language in which it is written. Sadly, many languages have gone extinct. Much knowledge and many parts of culture have been lost. No, there is not much we can do to reverse language extinction; however, we can most certainly contribute to preserving endangered languages.

What do we do?

  1. Find endangered languages maps! (I recommend using the map from the Endangered Languages Project- )

  2. Do your research and find information about an endangered language!

  3. Fund research! Extensive research can be expensive, so it would mean a lot to donate and contribute to research funds.

  4. Choose an endangered language, and if resources are available, learn it or at least a few words! Have fun with it and learn a song in an endangered language!

  5. Spread the word! Like endangered species, endangered languages are a serious matter and should be widely discussed and addressed. Tell your friends and family about the importance of preserving languages and increase the attention on endangered languages!


Participate in Endangered Language of the Week every Thursday starting next week!

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