"IT'S A TRAP!!!"

Have you ever heard, "The best way to learn a language is by traveling to an area where it is predominately spoken."? Well, this statement is TRUE! Before you feel hopeless and discouraged about learning your target language, you must understand why this statement is true. "IT'S A TRAP!!!" When a person travels abroad to learn another language, they are merely immersing themselves in their target language, which forces them to learn it. It's all about immersion: trapping yourself in your target language, leaving you no choice other than to learn it. So, I challenge you to take some time in your day and immerse yourself in your target language at home.

You might be asking, "How can I immerse myself in my target language at home?" It's simple! Find movies, music, or podcasts in your target language. HOWEVER, for this strategy to work more efficiently, do not use subtitles, or refer to your native language. I know this might sound incredibly challenging if you're a beginner, but don't dive into mature/adult content, start easy with children's content. Think about it, when you were a small child, did you fully understand adults' conversations? No, but you probably understood your classmates' conversations saying, " Ball. Mine." If you are a beginner in your target language, you are like a baby. Eventually, as you grow in your target language, you will understand and be able to advance to more mature content.

Let's trap ourselves in our target language and move closer towards fluency!



1. Join a language learning club

2. Immerse yourself in your target language for 1 hour every day!